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think about the concept of a library. that’s one thing that humanity didn’t fuck up. we did a good thing when we made libraries

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Okay, but guys. If Karabraxos is really Braxiatel, that means Brax is ginger and the Doctor still isn’t.

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I love how, in New York, the second the summer ends, it goes from Satan’s ass crack hot to penguin ball’s cold. And by love, I mean, I fucking hate it.

*cold noises*




Cyberman and punks invade Edinburgh c 1983

Cyberpunks rule!

The best kind of cyberpunk
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I like to think that the Doctor gives two phone numbers. The first is UNIT and they just go with it because they have a chance to track him down if he stays put for a while. The second is to the TARDIS, into a random point in time. The latter option is less reliable, because there is a chance that the call lands to a regeneration that is less willing to cooperate. (Imagine 11 applying a ton of silly jobs for fun and not understanding why he wouldn't get them. 12 answered. :D)


Hahaha, that’s hilarious.

"is John Smith reliable? Well, to be frank, he’s known to fuck off for years at a time only to show back up in a fez like nothing happened. So…probably not."

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adapt canon. twist canon. pick up the story and drop it in another place, another time. rethink gender, sexuality, race. cut open a little hole in another universe and push the story inside. retcon the ending, switch up the genre, make it tragic, make it happily-ever-after. knock the characters out of moral alignment. debunk stereotypes, subvert tropes. kidnap and liberate the story from oppressors.

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a summary of series 8

they follow him everywhere